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Renew Registration

Expiration Date

Your car's registration in the Sunshine State will expire either every year or every two (2) years. If your vehicle is owned in your personal name, it will usually expire the day of your birthday (at midnight). If the car is registered under multiple people, it will expire on the birth date of the person who shows up first (on the registration form). If your vehicle is not owned by a person (ex: by a corporation), it will expire every 30th of June. If you are trying to renew a mobile home, its expiration is every 31st of December. 

You must have your registration handy at all times while driving. If you are cited by a traffic officer, you will be asked to show your proof of vehicle registration and your driver's license. If it's been lost, please file for a registration replacement immediately.


Renewal Notice

You may receive a renewal reminder of your upcoming registration expiration. However, this is not required by Florida law. Therefore, you must not rely on receiving the notice in order to plan your renewal. If you do not renew on time, it is your own fault. Florida law permits the DMV to ask for your email address for the purpose of sending the renewal notice. Please make sure that the FL DMV has your latest mailing address on file. If you recently moved, make sure to perform a registration address change. Not receiving your yearly reminder is not a problem, since it is not required to renew. If you have further questions for the Florida DMV, please give them a call at 850-617-2000 or by filling out the following contact form on the website. 

When To Renew

You may renew three (3) months before your registration expires. Use this allowance wisely and avoid having to renew close to your expiration or your vehicle's registration will expire. 

Expired Florida Registration

Do not drive a vehicle whose registration date has expired. You will risk getting a fine. Furthermore, at renewal time, the DMV will charge you an additional late / delinquent renewal fee. That fee varies but starts at $5.00 and goes as high as $250.00. The delinquent fee is charged after the eleventh (11th) day of the month following its expiration. The only exception to this rule is if you are currently serving in the U.S. military. Read the section below for exact details on military drivers.

Renew Florida Registration Online

You must meet the following conditions for online tag / registration renewal.

Requirements to Renew Online

  • The FL DMV must either have your social security number or driver license number tied to your registration information.
  • The FL DMV must have your auto insurance information in their system. If not, you may be denied online renewal. If your online renewal attempts fail, and you  do not have insurance, this could be the reason. 
  • You (or another person on the registration) must not have a suspended license or owe any money in fines or parking tickets.
  • If you are trying to renew your tag for a business registration, the FL DMV must have your FEIN.
  • If you do not meet the above conditions, read the section below titled in person or by mail.


  2. Be prepared to enter either your driver license number OR license plate tag OR your car's VIN. 
  3. Then be prepared to enter both your birth date and last 4 digits of SSN.
  4. The online site will guide you step by step.
  5. Prepare to pay the registration renewal Fee. You have the option of renewing for one (1) year or even two (2) years. Your payment can be made either with a credit card (master card, visa, discover or american express), debit card or check (have banking information ready).
    • Note: The fee is not the same for everyone. Fees are determined based upon certain factors. These include the type and weight of your vehicle, plus state and tax collector fees. The FL DMV has set up an example to guide you on how registration fees are calculated, 
  6. The DMV will mail your new registration and sticker in no more than ten (10) business days

Note: If it's been longer than twenty (20) days and you have still not received your registrationplease contact the DMV via the following methods:

Contact Page
By Phone: 850-617-2000

Florida Registration Renew by Mail

You may also prefer to send your payment via postal mail. However, please remember that the mailing address is different for every county. 

Requirements to Renew By Mail

  • The requirements are the same as the ones for online renewal. Please read above for details. 


  1. Locate the mailing address of YOUR LOCAL COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR OFFICE.
  2. The above link will contain your local county's tax collector web page. Inside of your local county website, look for a section called Motor Vehicle Registration. 
  3. Prepare payment. Your fee will be listed on your renewal reminder (that was sent via mail).
    • Note: If you did not receive a renewal reminder, you must calculate your due fee. Remember that fees vary. The following page will guide you in determining the renewal Fee.
  4. Mail your payment to the address found in step 1 (your local county tax office). For additional questions, please call your local county tax office
  5. Your new plate sticker and registration will be mailed to your address in no more than twenty five (25) days

Note: If it's been over 25 days, and you still have not received it, please get in touch with your local tax office.

Florida Registration Renewal for Military Drivers

If you are currently serving in the U.S. military and your current auto registration is overdue, you will not have to pay the delinquent fee (as long as you are stationed more than 35 miles away).


  • If registration has expired, you must show your military orders OR show a letter signed by your commanding officer. 


  1. If past due, you only have two (2) renewal options. Either renewal by mail OR follow the In Person renewal instructions below. 
  2. Renew online.

Renew Florida Registration In Person

Everyone in Florida is welcome to show up in person in order to renew a car's tag / registration. If needed, you can assign someone else to go in person for you. You are not required to show up personally. 

Requirements to Renew In Person

  • You (or the person you assign) must be able to prove that you currently have auto insurance. Please bring those documents.
  • You (or the person you assign) must show your existing registration OR your renewal reminder / notice.
  • If anyone on the registration has outstanding fines, driving suspension, or parking tickets, you will not be able to renew.


  1. If you have to show additional documents or requirements, please prepare them before your visit. Examples of certain people that must show additional documents are veterans who are disabled or military drivers who are out of state. 
  3. Bring money to pay the registration / plate renewal Fee.
    • Note: The fee is not the same for everyone. Fees are determined based upon certain factors. These include the type and weight of your vehicle, plus state and tax collector fees. The FL DMV has set up an example to guide you on how registration fees are calculated.
  4. Upon acceptance, you will be given your new registration and sticker.  

Renew Florida Tag

By law, you must renew a Florida tag every ten (10) years. This fee is additional to your registraiton renewal. it will be added to your registration fee.