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About Us

Your local Florida DMV office can be an extremely frustrating place to visit when trying to complete a very common task such as renewing your license or changing your address. After spending countless hours navigating through confusing government and local county websites, you’ll have to spend minutes and sometimes hours waiting in line. To top it off, if by any chance you’ve forgotten one specific requirement, you’ll be forced to take multiple trips back and forth.

That’s the reason we came up with the concept behind our website, We knew that helping local Floridians gather all the required laws and regulations in one single place would make everyone’s life a little simpler. Our team of researchers and writers are periodically monitoring the new Florida DMV laws, in order to keep our information up to date.

After reading our step by step guides, we’ll provide you with the latest information, and even direct you to any local applications or forms that must be filled out prior to visiting the DMV.

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