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New Car Registration in Florida

All cars in the Sunshine State must be legally registered in order to operate on our public roads. If you just moved to our state, you will have ten (10) days to register your vehicle. The procedure includes paying the state all applicable fees and taxes. Once approved you'll be given three (3) items: Your car's tag (license plate), registration sticker or decal, and the paper certificate. You must carry your certificate with you at all times while driving as this is one of the first things that a law enforcement officer will ask to see. Also make sure that your decal is current and displayed properly or you will be pulled over. One more thing to remember is that your tag / license plate must be replaced every certain number of years. Read our tag section for more information.

If you already have a registration and are looking to renew it, please see our Renew Registration page.

Vehicle Registration Requirements

If Car Purchased from Dealership

If you just purchased your car or vehicle directly from a dealership, you won't need to complete the following requirements yourself. That's because the dealership will do most of the work for you. They must apply for you. Their application consists of getting a title, registration certificate and a new tag for your vehicle. They will also take care of the cost (since this is usually included in the purchase of the vehicle). 

If Car Purchased Elsewhere

However, it's your responsibility to purchase and register the above 3 things if you bought the vehicle from someone other than a dealership. The person who is selling you the car will have the title and it must be transferred to your name (by applying for a new title under your name). The title must be the first step, since you will not be able to get a new tag for your car until you have proof that it is yours. However, you may apply for all 3 things in one DMV visit, so take advantage of this.

Out of State Drivers

Read the Out of State section below as the requirements will vary. 

Registration Documents

  • You must bring the vehicle's title. If it is not in your name, you must submit an application for a new title.
  • You must show proof that you have auto insurance in Florida.
    • Note: The only exception to Florida insurance proof, is if you are currently in the military out of state. Please read military section below.

Additional Questions

Please contact your local county tax collector office.

Car Insurance

You may not apply for, or renew your registration without car insurance in Florida. Even if decide to terminate your car's insurance policy, and you are still the owner of that car, you must surrender your license plates. Don't take unnecessary risks with the law or by getting into an accident without insurance. Visit our Insurance Page to get started with the most affordable rates.

Vehicle Registration Fees

The fees vary depending on the weight (in pounds) of your automobile / truck, the county in which you live, and whether you have a special customized tag. The cheapest registration fee is $46.15 for a period of one (1) year. From there, the prices go up depending if your car is heavier or if you are trying to register a truck. The highest fee for trucks is $70.65 for one (1) year. You also have the option of paying the registration for a total of two (2) years. The FL DMV has prepared a PDF file with the latest fees, which you may view or download.

Note: If you've never registered the car before (this is your first time), you'll be charged a one time (initial registration) fee of $225. If you are unclear our confused about the initial registration fee, please read more here. You can also read more about certain exemptions from this initial fee here.

New Tags

Florida law requires everyone to order a new license tag / plate every ten (10) years. There is an additional tag cost for a new tag and it will be added to your registration fee.

Find Your Nearest Registration Office

The only way to apply for and get a new registration is to go in person. You have two (2) options. Either visit 

Make sure to gather the required documents, fees and requirements that were described above.

Place your Registration Sticker and Tag

Upon submitting and paying for your registration, you'll be given a license plate sticker. You must place this sticker on the top right section of your tag. Also make sure to safely store your vehicle's paper registration (it must always be with you while driving). 

If you are buying a car from a dealership, and you are not transferring a tag from an older car, you will be given a temporary one that is valid for thirty (30) days. 

Out of State Drivers 

If you are just moving into the state of Florida and looking to get a new FL license, you will not be able to register your car until you do the following:


  1. You must apply and received a valid Florida license. 
  2. You must also fill out a Certificate of Title With/Without Registration 82040 form.
  3. You must show that you have Florida car insurance.
  4. After filling out the form, you will need to send it via postal mail to your YOUR LOCAL COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR office.
  5. Use the above link to find your county's mailing address. 
  6. Use the following PDF Fee page to guide you on payment that should be included.
    • Make the check to the same tax collector which you are mailing application in step 3.
  7. Instead of your county's tax collector, you may send it to a FL tag agency. 

Please contact your local county tax collector office for more questions. 

Florida Registration for Military Drivers

Members of our military must follow the same guidelines when registering a vehicle. However, there are certain exemptions which we will cover here:

You do not have to show proof of Florida insurance only if the following are true:

  • You are a Florida resident, but are not currently living in the state.
  • The car will remain out of state.
  • Your car must be out of state and its registration must have an address outside of Florida.
  • Your commanding officer must confirm your status or you must show your military orders.
  • You must send in the following MILITARY INSURANCE EXEMPTION form.
  • Same rules apply for your spouse.

Note: If you are not a Florida resident (because you moved to a different state), you will not be allowed to continue with a Florida vehicle registration.