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Florida Motorcycle

The sunshine state's year long perfect weather is a great place to ride a motorcycle. However, you must acquire all proper driving licensing privileges before operating a motorcycle on public roads. You will be violating the law if caught riding a motorcycle without proper training and endorsements. Let's get started on what those are below.

Before we get started, you can begin by downloading Florida's Motorcycle Handbook in English or el manual en Espanol. The manual is approximately 30 pages long, and contains detailed laws that you should know and follow when riding a motorcycle or moped.

New Riders

You must sign up for the Basic Rider Course and successfully pass it. This course is offered via the Florida Rider Trainer Program. Please visit their web page here. You will not be required to take this course if you already have a motorcycle endorsement from another state in the U.S. However the only exception is Alabama. Endorsements from Alabama will not be accepted. 

The Florida Rider Trainer Program covers valuables lessons that will teach you crash avoidance techniques. Please take advantage and sign up for this course as statistics positively show that riders who take advantage of these courses have less injuries. 

According to Florida Statute 316.003 (2) ,  No person under the age of 16 may operate or ride upon a motorized bicycle.