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Florida Drivers License

Your online resource for driver license information in the state of Florida. Our mission is to provide you with all the necessary information for completing your Florida driver license requirements. After browsing through our detailed collection of free information or after signing up, you will be fully prepared to complete your drivers license requests.

Get a New Florida Driver License
If you're starting to drive for the first time or are new to the state, you'll need to apply for a new florida drivers license. Continue reading »
Renew Florida Drivers License
Is your florida license expiring soon? We'll tell you how to renew it. Continue reading »
Replace Florida Drivers License
Have you lost or misplaced your florida license? Getting a replacement is straight forward in Florida. Continue reading »
Florida Learner's Permit
If you want to learn how to drive in public roads, or you're a new teenage driver, a Learner's Permit is required by law. Continue reading »
Change Name
Florida Law requires that you change and update your drivers license after you've had a name change. Continue reading »

10 Tips to Prepare you for DMV Visit

Make sure to follow these tips if going in person to the DMV
1. Map out your closest DMV office by city or county  
2. Try to make an appointment when available  
3. Some offices will show wait time at current location  
4. Avoid the first and last week of the month and the day after a Holiday  
5. Avoid Mondays and Fridays. These days are the busiest  
6. Try to visit the DMV before noon in order to avoid lunch time  
7. Most DMV's in major cities are always busy  
8. Have all of your paperwork and identification documents ready  
9. If available, try to fill out and print all forms beforehand  
10.Try to use your DMV's online or mail in services if available